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Frequently asked questions

What are executions?

When an integration is active, the connectors execute functions to perform API calls and pass on data. Every time such an action is performed, we count as an Execution. Example: You connect your own solution with a CRM in an easy flow that fetches new contacts (trigger) from the CRM and creates a new contact in your solution (action). This gives you a flow with two nodes, so two Executions whenever data is processed.

If the trigger is a polling trigger, it will call the CRM’s API every 5 minutes by default. This means 12 Executions per hour – even if there is no data. Using webhooks or changing the polling intervals allows you to reduce the number of executions greatly. The configuration options will heavily depend on each system’s API and the type of business logic you would like to implement.

What are templates?
FlowMate lets you create automation flows that your users can use embedded in your solution. You create templates using No Code Flow Designer to make them available to all your users. Users can activate the flows through your Integration Marketplace or a custom integration into your interface. A template consists of triggers and actions that depend on the connectors or components you choose. With No Code Flow Designer, you implement standard use cases your customers need and save them as templates. These predefined and reusable descriptions of integration flows are templates.
Is there a limit on how many connectors we can use?
No. You can use as many connectors as you want in any plan.
What if we don't find a connector we need?

This is not a problem at all, because FlowMate is an open and very flexible integration platform. Let’s talk about what connectors you need and then we’ll find a way to make it happen together. As part of our Connector Commitment, we are happy to implement new connectors as needed as part of our onboarding packages or prioritize our roadmap.

Is there a free trial?

Your account is free by default so you can test the platform. You only need to sign-up for a commercial plan once you want to implement the Integration Marketplace and grant your customers access to the integrations.

Do you offer plans with yearly payments?
Yes, we offer monthly and annual billing. The advantage of annual billing is better planning reliability and an attractive discount. With annual payments, only 10 months are charged, and you save almost 17% compared to monthly billing.
What if we exceed the number of executions of the plan?
We aim to give you security for your financial planning and offer a plan that fits your needs and provides sufficient execution. Should your business develop better and the number of executions in your package is not sufficient, then we will charge the additional executions with the next billing after the expiration of the current term (annually or monthly). The conditions for additional executions depend on the plan you have chosen. The running process will not be disturbed. You can also set a budget limit for your account.
What is the contract period?

The contract is concluded for an indefinite period of time and will be automatically renewed with each billing. You can terminate the contract with FlowMate at any time with a notice period of 6 months to the end of the month or your yearly billing period. All you need to do is send a short email to

What is API access?
The Integration Marketplace is a way to start quickly and without much development effort. If you want to make the automation flows available to your users in a different way, e.g. within your application settings or in combination with already existing integrations, you can access our API for a custom implementation. To discuss further technical details, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.
What is custom deployment?

FlowMate offers full service in all plans, which includes operations (of the infrastructure). This full service is an advantage because it makes the use of FlowMate simple and cheap. Due to the flexibility of the FlowMate platform (based on Kubernetes), we can implement customer-specific requirements. However, this means full service and low-cost advantage are lost.

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