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with Seamless Integrations

No-Code Platform for SaaS Companies to
Deliver Embedded Integrations in Days

FlowMate drives your growth with an efficient 4-Step integration process that enables plug & play automation for end users

In Days, Not Months
Driving Growth, Not Costs

Empower your product teams
to craft integrations
save precious developer time

With FlowMate’s No-Code Flow Designer, building integrations is super-efficient. Deliver every customer-required integration in minutes, ensuring seamless connectivity and swift customer satisfaction.


Achieve ultra-fast integration deployment directly in our embedded Integration Center

Enhance your integration offerings rapidly without writing a single line of code. Each new integration automatically appears in your embedded Integration Center, making them directly available to all your users and immediately ready to use.


Drive User Adoption with Embedded Integrations and User-Friendly Automations

Enhance integration adoption with FlowMate’s Integration Center for end users. Your users can easily activate automations by connecting the integrated apps’ accounts, ensuring a seamless and efficient integration experience.


Accelerate Your Deals: 
Quickly Resolve Customer Integration Challenges

Leverage our unique “Integration as Link” feature to bypass the full embedding process and address customer integration challenges in just a few days. Start with the most impactful integration for your business, share links instantly, and empower your customers immediately.

Expand and Embed: Secure Growth with Proven Integrations

Expand your branded Integration Center with new apps, engaging more customers. Available via an external link, it allows you to offer all integrations your customers request quickly. Once you achieve market fit, seamlessly embed the proven system into your solution to ensure sustained growth and customer satisfaction.

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Access over 120 pre-built integrations for rapid connectivity with your SaaS. Get integrations from our roadmap tailored to your requirements in the short-term. We create any integration you need using public APIs by arrangement, ensuring your integration needs are met swiftly and effectively.